Pentridge: Voices From The Other Side - A Photo Essay


Voices From The Other Side

Text and photographs by Rupert Mann

Ray Mooney Beside B Division. Pentridge. By Rupert Mann.jpg

'There’s always the yin and yang, mate, in any

situation. The good and bad.'


Jack Charles


Jack Charles B Division Hall. Pentridge. By Rupert Mann.jpg

'You could get over the top of me by killing me, of course.

But you weren’t gonna frighten me.'


Billy longley

Billy Longley Main Gate 9. Pentridge. By Rupert Mann.jpg



'[Performing in prison] is something I would

always consider doing again.'


Paul Kelly


Paul Kelly Pentridge Main Gate. By Rupert Mann.jpg

'The prisoners, they’re like you and I, except

they’ve gone the wrong way.'


Pat Merlo


Pat Merlo B Division 12. Pentridge. By Rupert Mann.jpg

abc radio Late Night Live with phillip adams

Former prisoner, Ray Mooney and former prison officer, Pat Merlo along with Rupert Mann, are interviewed by the great Phillip Adams. 


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Rupert Mann is interviewed by Kulja and Dylan.


Rupert Mann is interviewed by Virginia Trioli and Michael Rowland.

With an article by Patrick Wood.




The Weekend Australian

A Life Sentence By Sian Powell.




ABC Radio Melbourne

Rupert is interviewed by Susan Carland.





3CR community radio Doin TIme

Former prisoner,  Ray Mooney, and Rupert Mann are interviewed by Marisa Sposaro.




The Wheeler Centre Panel 'If Walls could talk'

Former Pentridge chaplain Peter Norden, former prisoner Jack Charles, former prison officer Pat Merlo and Rupert Mann are interviewed by Hilary Harper.




The Age Review

Fiona Capp reviews the book. 




mohinga matters

Journalist Theingi Lynn interviews Rupert and reviews the book.




3AW Radio

John Deeks interviews Rupert.


B Division 12. Pentridge. By Rupert Mann.png